We’re always available via contact@nijdam.com for all your enquiries

If, after reading your manual, you are in any doubt about the assembly or maintenance of your Nijdam product, its bearings, wheels, brakes or anything else, seek specialist advice before using it.

If you discover a broken or worn out part, never replace/exchange it yourself (with the exception of bearings, wheels and brakes as mentioned in the relevant manuals), but contact the Nijdam dealer where you made your purchase. Make sure to include photos of (the relevant part of) your product. Your dealer can check if the problem falls under guarantee and/or help you find the proper replacement parts.

You can also contact us directly at contact@nijdam.com. We’re happy to help you at any time!

We’ve been making skates since 1896!

Our passion to continually improve product specifications and your experience is what drives us every day. Our whole range – which, these days, includes much, much more than just ice skates – is devised, designed and produced with our four core values in mind:

INSPIRED BY SKATING – we love what we do and constantly channel energy from the skate culture into all our work ENCOURAGE ADVENTURE – pushing boundaries and setting challenges opens our eyes to new possibilities and helps us all achieve our dreams KEEP THEM SAFE – we take our responsibility to create safe products seriously so that our users can enjoy years of carefree fun ENJOY THE RIDE – yeah!

This is what keeps us focussed to create the best, most fun and safest products for you.

This website will be expanded later on this year to include MUCH more information about our history, our future, how to use our products etc. Watch this space…!

Many Nijdam owners have great tips and tricks about our products, about maintaining them and how to use them. You too can connect with our community via social media – We are Nijdam. Share your story too!

Skating Starts Here

The brand Nijdam is part of Schreuders Sport International BV.

Schreuders Sport International is a Dutch, family-run house of brands.

We design, develop and market winning, contemporary sports, outdoor and leisure goods.

We have proudly served our customers for over a century, promptly responding to market demand from in-house stock. Our extensive expertise in product development combined with a socially and environmentally responsible business ethic, helps us to realise continued, sustainable growth for our own organisation and for our customers.

Your goal > Our game

If you would like to become an official Nijdam dealer, there are a number of conditions which you will need to meet in order to guarantee optimum quality of service to our customers. Please contact our sales department via sales@schreuderssport.com for more information.